Bus Route and Pick Up Times
Bus Stop Location Pick Up TimeA Broadway/Windsor Road Junction 07.55
B Windsor Road 07.56
C Main Street (opposite Antonio’s Pizza) 07.58
D Broadway (opposite garage) 08.01
E Broadway (British Legion) 08.02
F Daimler Avenue (outside playground) 08.03
G Bentley Avenue 08.04
H Ferndale (outside no. 17) 08.05
I Brunel Drive/London Road Junction 08.06

Students must be at the bus stop 10 minutes before pick up and be ready to board as soon as the bus arrives.
The bus will drop off and collect students in the school car park. The return bus will leave school at 3.20pm.


Season tickets can be purchased at the beginning of each half term in advance and will cost £12.00 per week. Season tickets can be purchased directly from Decker Buses.

Decker Bus Ltd
Station Bridge
Tel: 01733 242034
Fax: 01733 242233

Students can also use the bus on a casual basis paying the driver on the day. The cost per journey is £1.50 one way/£3.00 return.

All tickets must be purchased directly with Decker Buses who will be able to deal with any queries about the service. If you have any other queries please email enquiries@hamptongardens.org.uk