When I am out and about in my Guider’s uniform people instantly know what organisation I belong to.  So many women chat and often say “Oh, I used to love Guides” or “Brownies was a lot of fun” or(often) “my daughter absolutely adores Rainbows!”  If you are one of those ladies then how about reliving your childhood in Guiding by becoming a leader. It’s (almost) as much fun as being a youngster again, and at the moment we really, really need some help!

In Yaxley District I look after 9 Girlguiding Units – from ages 5 to 26 we try to provide opportunities within Guiding for every girl. Little ones start at Rainbows (2 Units) and then at 7 years old girls move on to Brownies (3 Units). After age 10 we have 3 Guide Units and one Senior Section group for the over 14s. 2 of the Units are at Holme and he others meet at the new Scout and Guide HQ in Yaxley on various evenings in term-time.  Each Unit is staffed by an amazing bunch of hard working and well trained volunteers but due to work pressures, health issues and maternity almost all the groups are going to need more helpers to continue later this year.  If you could spare an hour and half a week – or even just sometimes – or could help with admin, or maybe you were a leader before but somehow Guiding slipped down your list of priorities – do please get in touch! Now’s the time as we need help to continue giving your daughters an adventurous and safe Girl-only space.  You simply have to be over 18, enthusiastic and happy to be DBS checked. Training is on the job.  Men are also welcome! You don’t have to commit to a particular age range – each level has its own challenges and leadership team and you are welcome to try a few Units to establish where you feel most comfortable.  Thanks, and I hope to meet you soon.

Janice Osborn


Girlguiding Yaxley District

Email me on janiceo.girlguiding@gmail.com or call 01487 831451 if you would like to chat, or simply register on the website and I will contact you. www.girlguiding.org.uk