The Yaxley Community is striving to combat burglaries and other crimes in the area using the app, Trygve. You are invited to take part.  Trygve is a digital tool to empower our community

Digital technology has put the ability to plan journeys, rate a restaurant, find a date, or share our breakfasts into the palm of our hands. But what about the safety and security of our neighbourhoods?

Trygve is a free, specially designed digital environment that empowers local residents to work together with local police and Neighbourhood Watch to combat crime and enhance local engagement.

Trygve uses an interactive map where users share and receive local incident information in real time. Users can also create and join groups and use an in-built Personal Safety Alarm if they need assistance.

Conceptualised in Sweden, Trygve launched in the UK ten months ago. The Yaxley Neighbourhood Watch group were one of the first to try out the Trygve environment: “The Yaxley Partnership has been championing Trygve for some time and we see it as valuable tool for individuals who want to make their communities safer and help support local Policing efforts. “Beyond Yaxley, other UK communities have adopted a digital method of working together. In Milton Keynes, a new community turned to Trygve to report incidents and unite the new community living there.  The app has not only been good at creating a community, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police,” Police Officer and Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Ben Dimmock, said.

In London, local Met Police officers have transformed community engagement by actively working alongside residents. The efforts of police-led Trygve groups have resulted in multiple arrests, as well as providing a supportive environment to turn to in the face of community tragedies.  “Several arrests wouldn’t have been made without Trygve” PC Tom Curtis said, “It gives us instant information, but also allows us to have a more positive relationship with our residents.”    While the Trygve team recognise the impact of their tool and methodology, they maintain that the ‘magic’ of community collaboration is completely in the hands of the community.  “Trygve is not just an app – it’s a shift in mentality. We hope people start to view their fellow neighbours as peers instead of strangers. The app is simply a tool to help achieve this,” PerKällgården, Trygve founder, said.

Trygve is free for private users and is available on your smartphone or computer by visiting  Join your fellow Yaxley residents (Yaxley Neighbourhood Watch) and local police to help keep your community more secure.  Sheona Urquhart, Trygve UK Manager t: 0203 868 2289 e: