May is my favourite month – a dream of a month on the farm. Mostly.

There’s a Welsh proverb, ‘A cold January, a warm May’, and this year will be the perfect chance to find out if the Welsh are right, as we certainly had a cold January. I’m not alone in my love of May, Edwin Way Teale, who said, “All things seem possible in May” was absolutely right and he could well have been a farmer. Whilst it’s April’s late frost that catches the spring-planted crops and June’s storms that flatten the winter-planted oilseed rape and barley, May is an island paradise set in the middle where the days are warm, the evenings are long, the animals contented and, provided there’s an inch of rain at some point, all should be as well as can be here on the farm.  Here’s another quote for you, Marty Rubin said, “May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself”, and for the farmer or gardener, whilst we can afford a moment lost, we really should be getting on, as in May we have delicious radishes, rhubarb, rocket and delicious Jersey Royal new potatoes in season and continuing the alphabetical indulgence, May brings us spinach, spring onions and salad leaves too. Oh, seafood too, with North Sea prawns, farmed salmon, and Cornish sardines, all from British waters, all on the menu (and all on the Marine Conservation Society’s list of sustainable fish) in May. Here on the farm, we’ll be preparing for some important events. At the end of June, we’re supporting the East of England Agricultural Society’s ‘Food and Farming Day’, where nearly 7,000 school children come to the East of England Showground to see what goes on in the English countryside and to see where their food comes from. There’ll be a huge array of displays with farmers, farriers, falconers, and lots of other exhibits where children can get close to the animals, try their hand at cooking, experience an African village and lots more besides. Also in June, on Saturday 10, we’ll be hosting our own Open Farm Sunday event (yes, on a Saturday!).

You can bring your picnic, meet the animals, and have a short tour of the fields and crops. You can find details on or by searching ‘Farmer Tom’ on Facebook. So, in our spare time in May, we’ll be making the farm ready to receive you on 10 June! But for now, forget yourself and have a fantastic May…

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