Indian/Asian Fusion comfort food for home parties, catering events, business lunches and when you can’t be bothered to cook.

Ajay loves to cook and has a dream to offer the finest snacks in Peterborough and from what we’ve seen he is well on the way there.  His snacks are delicious and well worth a go.

Do try the snacks at least once! Let your taste buds be the judge!

He sources as many products from local businesses as he can. With his meat locally sourced from Stilton butchers and his spices from ‘Jalpur Millers’ in Leicester.  Only using rapeseed oil for frying and ensuring all vegetarian products are fried in separate oil.

The standard samosas and pakoras have NO CHILLIS in them. However, they will adjust the ‘Chilly’ level as per your requirement for a minimum order.

Yaxley Festival would like to give a special mention to Snacks by Ajay, he provided some amazing Indian snacks for us over the weekend, served hot.  He continued to support us with a buffet to say thank you to the Young Technicians, which went down very well with them.  He is looking to work with us more in the future on projects with both them and the Yaxley Partnership groups.  Highly recommended and a lovely guy.