BusyBee Admin was started by me (Sally Howell) in the summer of 2014.  The decision to start my own business was an easy one, I wanted to be able to combine doing a job I loved with having the flexibility to be involved with the local community.  


So you may ask, what does BusyBee Admin do?  I take away that annoying paperwork that you stares at you from your desk or dining table every time you walk past, that work that you know you need to do to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, but you just don’t have the time or the inclination to do.  That drawer full of receipts you have to sort out for your accounts, the customer records that you keep meaning to put onto the computer, those little jobs that pile up until you have to do them.  I want to give you back a clear mind and the ability to concentrate on the job you love.  So if you hate the admin side of your business and wish someone would just come along and sort it all, then I’m the girl for you.  Drop me an email at sally@busybeeadmin.co.uk or call 01487 831392 to discuss what you need.


I mentioned my involvement in the local community, I have been involved in Yaxley festival from the early days and have loved working to bring this event to village.  Following on from the success of that, The Fenland Trust was formed which as well as overseeing the festival, is involved with many projects including the Festival Park community hub proposal for the Middletons road recreation ground, the development of a museum to hold the steadily growing collection of artifacts and working closely with the Great Fen Project on developing links for Yaxley.