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Grass seeds – A Potential Hazard

Grass seeds present a potential hazard to dogs from June until September. Dry sunny spells see a greater number of seeds falling to the ground where they can be picked up by our pets. Grass seeds vary in size, but all are like mini ‘darts’ with fine hairs and a sharp point at one end. The sharp point can easily pierce the skin especially where the skin is thinner such as between a dog’s toes. Because the seeds have tiny ‘micro barbs’ they do not just drop out of the skin; this is what makes them a potentially complicated problem to deal with. The most common affected area are dog’s paws but they can also get into eyes, ears and can even be snorted up noses. We have seen some rare cases where a grass seed has managed to penetrate the skin in different areas of the body, such as the ribcage. If a grass seed enters through the skin of your dog’s paw, this is highly irritating and can become quite sore. Your dog will usually start licking its paw excessively, there may be a red lump between their toes and they may start limping. It is important to seek veterinary advice as soon as you see these symptoms. Grass seeds will continue to migrate into your dog’s paw, and can travel a considerable way if not found. ...

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Travelling with your Pet

Last month we talked about the health risks for your pet when you take them on holiday and this month we’ve got some advice about how to keep your pet safe and comfortable throughout the journey. Safety It’s actually a legal requirement that pets are restrained in some way while travelling in a car, so as to not distract the driver, but it is also advisable for their safety and yours! Restraint can be done in a few ways – a harness with a seatbelt, a crate, or a dog guard (if they are in a crate or boot space). A smaller area is actually better for their safety. If the car suddenly stops, there will be less movement and a lower risk of injury.  That being said, your pet still needs to be comfortable and must have room to lie down – the right balance is important. It is also a requirement, on public transport, to have pets under close control, so a correctly fitted lead and collar (perhaps with a safety second loop just in case they slip their collar) is especially important around ferries, trains, and busy roads. Restraint and appropriate training is also important to prevent loss of your pet – make sure they can’t escape as soon as you open the car door. A harness and seatbelt is good for this, or you could...

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Going on holiday with your dog?

The weather is warming up and not long until many Brits go on holiday. More and more people are also including their four-legged friend – well why not, they’re part of the family after all and it’s far easier to take them with you these days! We think it’s great for you to take your dog on holiday and as Vets we can offer you lots of advice about travel safety and disease awareness.  There’s a lot of coverage in the media at the moment about dog illnesses. Sadly, it’s true to say that more relaxed pet passport rules and the ease of canine travel, has meant diseases usually not seen, or rarely seen in the UK, are rearing their ugly heads. There are five particular diseases you should be aware of – Lyme disease, babesiosis, lungworm, Alabama rot and seasonal canine illness. All of these diseases are serious and potentially life threatening for your dog. Thankfully, we live in a relatively low risk area for these diseases, but if you are travelling with your dog, either in the UK or into Europe, the risk increases.  Tick-borne diseases Both Lyme disease and babesiosis are carried by ticks. Ticks are a bloodsucking, parasitic arachnid.   They live in woodland and long grasses, waiting for a host to brush past. Once onboard, they embed themselves into the skin and feed on the...

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Snacks by Ajay

Indian/Asian Fusion comfort food for home parties, catering events, business lunches and when you can’t be bothered to cook. Ajay loves to cook and has a dream to offer the finest snacks in Peterborough and from what we’ve seen he is well on the way there.  His snacks are delicious and well worth a go. Do try the snacks at least once! Let your taste buds be the judge! He sources as many products from local businesses as he can. With his meat locally sourced from Stilton butchers and his spices from ‘Jalpur Millers’ in Leicester.  Only using rapeseed oil for frying and ensuring all vegetarian products are fried in separate oil. The standard samosas and pakoras have NO CHILLIS in them. However, they will adjust the ‘Chilly’ level as per your requirement for a minimum order. Yaxley Festival would like to give a special mention to Snacks by Ajay, he provided some amazing Indian snacks for us over the weekend, served hot.  He continued to support us with a buffet to say thank you to the Young Technicians, which went down very well with them.  He is looking to work with us more in the future on projects with both them and the Yaxley Partnership groups.  Highly recommended and a lovely guy. ...

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Busy Bee Admin

BusyBee Admin was started by me (Sally Howell) in the summer of 2014.  The decision to start my own business was an easy one, I wanted to be able to combine doing a job I loved with having the flexibility to be involved with the local community.     So you may ask, what does BusyBee Admin do?  I take away that annoying paperwork that you stares at you from your desk or dining table every time you walk past, that work that you know you need to do to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, but you just...

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