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The Sweordora

The Sweordora were an Anglian tribe who, according to the Tribal Hidage [1] (which assessed their territory at 300 hides) lived in the vicinity of Sword Point, Whittlesey Mere, Cambridgeshire (formerly Huntingdonshire), probably in the 6th Century. [1] The Tribal Hidage is a list of thirty-five tribes that was compiled in Anglo-Saxon England some time between the 7th and 9th centuries. It includes a number of independent kingdoms and other smaller territories and assigns a number of hides to each...

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Whittlesea Mere Sword

This sword was found in Whittlesea Mere, Cambridgeshire, in the 1840s. It is extremely rare to find swords of this quality in the ground as they were highly prized and expensive items of weaponry. Most medieval battlefields were cleared of useful weapons soon after violent engagements. Swords have always been high status objects used as symbols of authority as well as for warfare and sport. Swords often accompanied a warrior to his grave. This style of sword, with a long, two-sided blade balanced by a pronounced wheel-shaped pommel and straight quillons (cross-bars on the hilt) to guard the hand,...

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Whittlesea Mere Map by John Bodger 1786

Click here to download the 1786 Map of Whittlesea Mere by John Bodger. One of the greatest curiosities in this Kingdom, being a most spacious and beautiful fresh-water lake, on which have been exhibited several Regattas, at which were present many Thousands of Nobility, Gentry, and Others, from various Parts, who were accomodated with upwards of 700 sailing Vessels and Boats. The Contents of the Surface will be given and the Circumference and sailing distance from each Point ascertained, with their respective Names. Also, the Distance and sail from Peterborough Bridge, to the Mere; and the Distance from thence...

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Sedge Production in Yaxley

Cladium mariscus is a species of flowering plant in the sedge family known by the common name Saw-sedge or Sawtooth Sedge. The plant, which has hard serrated leaves,  grows in base-rich boggy areas and can reach heights of up to 2.5 metres tall. Prior to the draining of the Whittlesea Mere, the production of sedge and reed was extremely important to the economy of Yaxley. As early as the 12th century reed and sedge were transported along the watercourse known as the Yaxley Lode before being distributed nationally from the village. The various published works listing the uses of...

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The Mere in 2012

Whittlesea Mere 2012, a photo by Yaxley Festival on Flickr. In 2012 a Wright Rain Super Touraine system irrigates the site of Whittlesea Mere with Yaxley in the distance – a curious notion perhaps to those who strove to drain the lake in the middle of the nineteenth century. The Great Fen project promises to at least partially restore the great lake over the coming decades. Photo taken 12/9/12 on the Holme Fen Engine Drain road that runs through the centre of the old Mere between the Holme Woods and Engine Farm and the site of the old pumping...

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