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James A Gooding Image Gallery

Logos Composting in the 1950s Production Director Guy Gooding, James Gooding & Technical Director Geoff Ganney Picking Packing complex at Yaxley Farm Training Growing sheds at Woodhust Farm Checking Mycelium growth. Composting in the...

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Farr Family

James Grey Farr was a chemist and grocer in Yaxley in 1910, running his store from 183 Main Street (in 2014 Sophie T’s Vintage Teashop). James Grey Farr was a descendent of Joseph Farr (1797-1888) of Long Sutton, Lincs. Joseph Farr was a cooper by trade and married Elizabeth Coles at Yaxley in 1821. Their children included Francis (born 1829) Blacksmith, Joseph (born 1838) Farm Labourer and Elizabeth (born 1842). John Farr served on Yaxley Parisch Council from 1894-1906. A lamp, commonly known as ‘Farr’s Lamp’, which once hung outside the J. Farr’s shop, can now be found in...

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Restoration & Preservation

One of the most important aspects of the Yaxley Heritage Project is the preservation and in some cases, the restoration of our village heritage assets. As we are building our collection we are methodically cataloging our photos, paintings, sketches, maps and documents as well as transcribing handswritten texts and scanning original images. All of these are being deposited safely into the cloud for future generations to enjoy. Occasionally we acquire original photographs and postcards that are damaged. The damage might be in the form of scratches, tears, cracks, fold marks, light leaks, tape marks, mould and liquid damage. Fortunately...

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Yaxley Gala

Yaxley Gala was a village event that included a parade with themed floats and entertainment at the Recreation Ground. The annual event ended in the late...

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