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Crime Updates

Here is a summary of incidents and offences affecting your community. 15.08.2017  –  Church Walk, Farcet Two males have attempted to climb over the fence causing 2 fence panels to break.  This was caught on CCTV. 16.08.2017  –  Park Close, Yaxley Unknown offender(s) have smashed the front nearside window of a vehicle whilst parked and unattended in the street. 16.08.2017  –  Broadway, Yaxley Unknown offender(s) have stolen various items from a vehicle parked on the street. 16.08.2017  –  Westfield Road, Yaxley Unknown offender(s) have stolen various items from inside a vehicle. 16.08.2017  –  Leeder Close, Farcet Unknown offender(s) have...

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Local Police Update

We understand that there may be some concerns from residents regarding the report of a serious assault in Yaxley on the evening of Monday 14th August 2017. (Crime reference: CF0467040817) We would like to reassure you that this matter is being taken very seriously and is currently being investigated. We have received some very useful information and would like to thank members of the Yaxley community who have assisted us with our enquiries so far. Yesterday Police arrested a 20year old male on suspicion of Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm. He remains under investigation at this time and we...

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Muskets at the Old Mill

‘‘The Militia soldiers from Norman Cross prisoner of war camp, used to march down to the fen for target practice at the old mill.’’ As told by Yaxley Farmers Tony and John Mears, to Roy Butters in 2015. The story of militia on Yaxley Fen has been handed down by word of mouth through generations of Yaxley families for more than two centuries. Some believed that an old drainage mill was used by the soldiers from the Norman Cross depot for target practice but a lack of any historical records left these claims unsubstantiated. Inspired by this mystery, local...

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YaxFest unites the village again

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Tour of Cambridgeshire

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